Light, water, salt, 33 phials of oceanic waters

Collaboration with Jean-Marc Chomaz (CNRS, Ladhyx, Ecole Polytechnique)

This installation was developped as part of an investigation on the traces of the disapearance of Nuuk Island, an imaginary island. And invites to reflect on the consequences of a climate change on the slower acting components of the planet.

MOC Waterdive from Anais Tondeur on Vimeo.

Installation realised with Ecole Polytechnique students: Alexandre Bréant, Antoine Regimbeau, Clément le Priol, Loucas Pillaud-Vivien, Sebastián Illanes et Ruben Zakine.

MOC Waterdive_View of the installlation, GV Art Gallery, London, 2014

MOC Waterdive_View of the plume, Science de L'Art, France, 2015

MOC Waterdive_View of the installation, GV Art Gallery, London, 2014

Memory of the Ocean, View of the installation, GV Art Gallery, London

33 oceanic waters contained in glass blown phials. Waters collected at different depth in all the oceans of the planet, on the route of the thermohaline circulation. A donation by oceanographers from Southampton (UK), LOCEAN (Jussieu, FR), Alfred Wegener Institute (DE) and Woods Hole (USA) oceanographic laboratories.

Memory of the Oceanographer, View of the installation, GV Art Gallery, London,
Collection of Prof. Harry L. Bryden (National Oceanography Center, Southampton, UK)

Map of the origins of the collected waters along the thermohaline circulation.

This project has evolved from an expedition of the emergent part of the Mid-Atlantic ridge. It was developed during a two year artist-in-residence at the Hydrodynamics Laboratory, LadHyX (CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, France).