GALALITHE, taking care of the soil, 2016
Video installation, HDV, Col, Concretion of human milk

Collaboration with the anthropologist Marine Legrand

The offering: galalithe

Still from the performance

View from the installation, Sols Fiction, Co-curator: COAL, Chamarande, France

Through the invention of a ritual, the performance Galalithe_from the greek, gala, milk and lithos, stone- supports earthworms in the enterprise of soil regeneration. It consists in an offering: a large bowl made of human milk is placed on a soil damaged by industrial activities. Under the actions of the weather, the offering crumbles and by this, blends with the earth to feed its worms.
Through this symbolic gesture, Galalithe participate in an effort to bring back a new fertility to the soils while affirming the mutual nurturing bond that unites us to the ground, substrate of our human lives. Galalithe was also created in echo with the digestion process of the earthworms, which assemble the ingested mineral and organic particles to create new soils.

Offering to the earthworms, Still from the performance

Decomposition, Still from the performance

Digestion of the galalithe by the earth, Still from the performance

This installation was created during a transdisciplinary residency with avec Yesenia Thibault-Picazo (designer), Marine Legrand, Germain Meulemans (anthropologists) et Alan Vergnes (ecologist) as part of Sustainable cultures lab, initiated by COAL and Domaine départemental de Chamarande around the theme of urban soils in 2015 and 2016. Project patron: Nathalie Blanc (Ladyss, CNRS)