Call to Tears, 2018, Performance (work in progress)

Collaboration with Marine Legrand (anthropologist) & Joanne Clavel (researcher in arts and ecologies)

Drowned valleys, vast lakes reduced to muddy ponds, human relations breaking off: social and ecological disasters threaten us to fall in an abyss of helplessness. In a collective ritual, our horizon is to give form to distresses that spread amongst us. Third rite of a triptych, after Galalithe and Selenhydre, we intend to gather our despair, to gather our tears in face of the barren processes at play. To weep for the living world that falls apart before our eyes. And, yet to escape from denials.

In order to give shape to this performance, we ask you a gift: the gift of a tear from which we will collect the salts to create a bowl of offering. This piece will constitute the heart of a large collective ritual which will take in a high place of power. By giving form to the dreadful entanglements of our present, we hope to “sublimate” our sorrow and fear, into forces of power to act in return.

Virgen de la Soledad Pedro de Mena, Image Copyright Dionea Rocha Watt

Breathe deep.
Feel the pain
where it lives deep in us
for we live, still,
in the raw wounds
and pain is salt in us, burning.
Flush it out.
Let the pain become a sound,
a living river on the breath.
Raise your voice.
Cry out. Scream. Wail.
Keen and mourn
for the dismembering of the world.