URBAN PETRICHOR with anthropologist Germain Meulemans, 2019

Olfactory palette of Paris soils composed of 72 distillates of soils
Box of 8 distillates 18,1 x 12,5 x 2,8 cm, Edition of 5

This edition stems from an investigation into the traces of the petrichor or the smell soil after rain. Often perceived as a pleasant olfactory phenomenon, the petrichor is usually associated with a landscape of undergrowth, humus or relief after the storm.
Nevertheless, it is also perceived in cities. What does this smell tells of urban areas when thoses places are usually understood without soil?

In the nineteenth century, many scientists turned their attention to the soil of cities, analyzing their olfactory emanations as they thought they were responsible for the diseases of the body and the mind. The chemist Michel-Eugene Chevreul presented his memory on Parisian soils as a "public health work". These concerns led to the sealing of city grounds, the disappearance of soil and mud. Forty years later, soil science, known as "Pedology" emerged as a discipline mainly based on visual analysis. As a matter of fact, the Munsell color chart proposes to base the soil clasification on their chroma.
With this edition the artist and anthropologist, place the sense of smell at the center of their attention to the soils and elaborate an olfactory palette of Paris soils.

Distillates N°1-8

Distillates N°09-16

Distillates N°17-24